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Demand Center for Seagate

“Crimson saved our Demand Center. Eloqua was initially not set up correctly so when we started putting heavy traffic through it, we had to shut down. Further, Eloqua and SFDC were not integrated properly so lead passing was not working. The Crimson Marketing Team worked literally day and night with us, Oracle, and SFDC re-configuring the Demand Center System (including a marketing data warehouse). Crimson is part of our team and we simply cannot operate without their expertise. Thank you Crimson Team!!!!”
– Kay Kienast, Sr. Executive, Global Demand Center, Seagate

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SMB Partner Marketing Campaigns

Cisco wanted to succeed in the SMB market. In order to do so, they needed to go to market with VAR partners. The entailed an entirely new strategy, along with a new set of partners.

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Email Nurture Approach and Implementation

Our client was about to launch a new product into the enterprise market. While they understood the buyer’s journey, they weren’t prepared to extend their email marketing beyond the launch through automated nurturing.

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