SEO Expert Services

SEO Expert Services


CHALLENGE: Crimson’s clients experience many SEO issues ranging from website relaunch, content strategy, domain problems, Google penalties, competitive threats, web infrastructure issues, and many more.

SOLUTION: Crimson addresses these issues via deep and unique SEO expertise. Our SEO work is led by Matt Storms. ​Matt is a technical search engine optimization expert and growth hacker on issues related to SEO. ​He is one of Google’s Top Contributors regarding Search and has been recognized by Google​ for his contributions​. Matt has some of the most cutting edge tools​ available​ to help with understanding SEO and how it affects websites. This enables Crimson to address both strategic, and highly technical SEO issues.

RESULTS: Clients have increased revenue between 5-25% over 6-12 months. Other clients have seen traffic increases ranging from 50% to 150% within 6 months.

New CMS issues

  • Problem: Our client made numerous mistakes when moving to a new CMS. As a result their traffic dropped precipitously.
  • Solution: Out of many errors, we discovered that the biggest issue was that the site dropped 200K pages from Google’s index. We rebuilt the htaccess file and recovered 4 million links.
  • Result: Our client saw an increase in traffic from 800K unique visitors/mo to 2mm unique visitors/mo. This represented a 150% increase within 6 months.

Spam warning

  • Problem: Our client’s non-U.S. sites were given a warning for spam. They didn’t understand how this had happened or what to do about it.
  • Solution: Our investigation uncovered incorrect hreflang code on all their international sites. We quickly corrected the hreflang code problem.
  • Result: Our client saw an increase in traffic from 1.2mm unique visitors/mo to 1.9mm unique visitors/mo. This represented a 58% increase within 3 months.

Bounce rate

  • Problem: Our client suffered from an extremely high bounce rate after a marketing automation implementation caused their site to slow down considerably.
  • Solution: We discovered multiple issues, especially with their forms. We then reduced the number of form fields from 8 to 3 and improved other aspects of the site to speed up the site.
  • Result: Our client saw an increase in form fills from 80 leads per week to over 200 per week, almost immediately.

Formatting errors

  • Problem: Our client was about to go public, and was very concerned about their site traffic.
  • Solution: Our investigation discovered formatting errors in URLs, H1 tags, Page Titles, and Page Descriptions. We quickly corrected these errors.
  • Result: Traffic improved 40% over 5 months.

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